I love historical fantasy. I love ancient history. I love Yoshitaka Amano.

Naturally, it was love at first sight when I encountered Arslan for the first time via the OVAs. Well, that’s not entirely accurate — I’ve been aware of the series for years, but never got around to watching it until 2010 or so. And once I did, I was greatly disappointed at the story’s lack of an ending.

I was tempted to import the novels in Japanese, but I didn’t have enough faith in my language skills. I did wonder if there were Chinese translations, however…

Well, long story short, it turns out that there are, which means I can read the rest of the series, or at least what exists of it so far. I’ll be translating as I go along because, well, it’s fun and I like to share. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve currently put up all the book and chapter titles, but some of those are just tentative translations for now. I’m planning to update every Sunday with a new scene as long as time permits, so feel free to subscribe for updates via email or RSS (see links on sidebar), or check back in every week… I do also welcome questions, suggestions, corrections, etc.

edit (Dec. 2014): Obviously, I don’t stick to a regular schedule, due to personal time constraints. Sorry! Also, I crossref the Chinese translations with the original Japanese (and have done so since the beginning after I realized the Chinese translation sometimes cuts lines). Everything else I wrote above still holds true. 🙂

edit (Jan. 2015): There are some scans on this site (illustrations, maps, etc) — aside from translated annotations/captions none of them are mine so don’t credit me for them. My tentative policy on scans is in this post. (tl;dr — am uploading scans from the Kadokawa editions only.)

edit (May 2016): If anyone cares, here’s a list of things I want to eventually translate. Key word being eventually. /cry


30 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. good luck!! i’ll be waiting until u finish this series, have to admit u have patience though since this is pretty long ❤

    • T. E. Waters says:

      Thanks! And yeah, it’s a long series, but the individual books are actually pretty short compared to most English language fantasy tomes, so it’s not THAT bad. XD (I would estimate each volume is about as long as a Narnia book.)

  2. M.A.KH says:

    Thanks for the hard work.
    i am personally very grateful of your Work.
    Contact me If you Need help in anything although i am neither Chinese nor Japaneses i like to help you.
    With best wishes and Best Regards

  3. M.A.KH says:

    you can find anime in this address:

  4. Hiên ~ 軒 says:

    Here is a collection of Dr. Yoshiki Tanaka. Arslan Senki vol1 ~ 13. I don’t have vol14, I will send to you when I have. Sorry, I don’t speak much English ỌAỌ

  5. M.A.KH says:

    Is anyone there???
    Still waiting for a new chapter.
    Have you abandoned this project?
    With all the best

  6. SunflashSr says:

    Are you still translating the novels? Since the anime came out this morning, I’m sure there will be many others who will want to read the light novel like me 🙂

  7. kpearl8 says:

    Hi, thanks so much for your translations, they’re really great quality! I’ll be following for more updates, hope you find the time to continue 🙂

  8. ari says:

    hi,like SunflashSr said above i started the anime (’till ep 7 so far) and then discovered it was an adaptation for a LN. since the anime seems different from the LN (and I don’t like that) i’ll be waiting for your translations. thank you! 🙂

    • T. E. Waters says:

      Oh, has the anime really been that different? I haven’t been following it at all, but I did skim through the manga a few months back, and it seemed to be reasonably close aside from adding backstory/rewriting scenes to include a certain character who actually doesn’t show up until considerably later in the series.

      As for translations, I should have a little time to get something out in the next two weeks or so. No promises, but here’s hoping!

      • ari says:

        Haven’t read the manga, since the original is the LN I’m starting over here (got a phobia to adaptations since No. 6). So far what i have seen different are: the physical looks of the characters, a slave-kidnapper-kid introduced as some promising enemy or allied in the future (so far hasn’t appeared in the LN) who might be or not of who you were talking about in the manga, other kids involved in the incident that later died in the maiden battle, and some changes here and there in the dialogs.
        My favorite manga-anime adaptation is Hikaru no Go, they are so similar that I love them both almost equally (only that the manga has more content to the end, and the anime has one -i think- filler episode).

        • T. E. Waters says:

          I see, that seems about what I expected from the manga, which imo is tailored to a younger demographic than the original novels. That said, the physical designs are unfortunate but probably unavoidable, since the series is now under a different publisher with a different illustrator, and the manga/anime designs are pretty heavily influenced by the the newer illustrator’s takes (this is especially obvious with Farangis), as opposed to the older OVA designs that took some liberties too but were mostly based on Amano’s.

          (To avoid spoilers, I won’t confirm/deny anything about the character I’m talking about :D)

          And hey, fellow Hikaru no Go fan! I have very fond memories of that series — definitely one of the more successful anime adaptations out there.

  9. Hi there.
    I am both new and old to this series since I started awhile ago but only got around to finishing the old OVA series recently and began watching the new anime as well. Just wanted to say “THANK YOU!” for your translations! As soon as I heard there were books I was desperate to read them (I adore books and like to look at source material) so I found your WordPress here.
    I understand the pressure and hard work it takes to keep up with something like this (it has happened to me). Just know that for what it’s worth you have my appreciation, support, and patience for the next chapter.
    Thanks again for putting these up!

  10. Lars says:

    Wonderful work!
    I am a fan of this series (Japanese novels to vol.14, Chinese translations, 90s animation, manga adaptions, and the on-going anime adaption) and have translated a few parts of the novel but mine is really ordinary.
    Anyway, not sure if you know about the news of the official LoGH English novels:
    Hope the same chance comes for Arslan. 🙂

    • T. E. Waters says:

      Oh cool, that’s really awesome! Thanks for the heads up, I hadn’t been paying attention. 😛

      Yeah though, it’d be great if Arslan got the same treatment (along with proper marketing). Here’s hoping!

  11. canaria23 says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and add your translation to Novel Updates, If you don’t mind

  12. hilmes says:

    a quand la prochaine traduction? c’est quand même long.
    est ce que quelqu’un pourrait me donner le lien du roman en chinois je le lirais ainsi. merci de répondre.

    • T. E. Waters says:

      I hope I’m understanding your comment correctly — there haven’t been updates because I’ve been busy the past few months, sorry! Not sure when the next one will be.

      I won’t link directly to the novel, but if you google “亞爾斯蘭戰記小說” you should find Chinese links.

  13. Lars says:

    Thanks again for the update.
    1. According to Tanaka’s Japanese editor, the latest novel Vol. 15 is now in editing and probably will be on sale in Japan around early May! 😀 (So is manga vol. 5.)
    2. Alfreed is the name used in the official website FYR.
    3. The official LoGH English novel vol. 1&2 can be found in Amazon already.
    It’s good to see the manga preserves more detail of the novel or adds some scenes, e.g. the messenger brings more then 1 horse or Silver Mask thinking about the princess.
    (Btw it’s not April 1st. jokes. lol)

    • T. E. Waters says:

      1. Awesome! I still haven’t gotten my hands on Vol. 14 myself (waiting to collect the Kobunsha editions) but I’m glad to hear Tanaka’s still working on the series. XD He took a while between some volumes, so I wasn’t sure if he’d pick up the pace again. I wonder how many more books are left though.

      2. Yeah, if I get enough complaints that’s the spelling I’m probably going to stick with. My original policy was to go with the “obvious” or the “official” spellings or with compromises (very early on I spelled the kingdom “Parse” because the older subs had it as “Palse”, also for the longest time I had “Kharlan”) until I realized pretty much all the names had historical precedent, so stuff like Alfreed bothers me… but if people would prefer that I’ll just suck it up, haha.

      3. Yup! Planning to snatch them up soonish — very excited to finally have an official translation for those. 😀

      • Lars says:

        Oh about the Tanaka’s schedule: he will write a 3rd book as the ending for a 2007~ adventure series. After that he MIGHT write vol. 16 (the ending) of Arslan.

  14. Lars says:

    Again thx for the translation.
    News from the twitter of Tanaka’s Japanese editor:
    All manuscript of book 16 has been given to the editor at the end of August and this final vol. will be on sale in Japan on 15th December!
    There will be some related events and the subtitle hasn’t been announced yet.
    Kobunsha’s special japanese website for book 16 (final vol.):
    31 years since 1986…finally…

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