Vol. 1 | Chapter One: The Battle of Atropatene (ii)

Upon noting the arrival of the prince and the Eran, King Andragoras’s expression grew even nastier…


Notes under the cut:

Name angst again! This time around, it was Qushaerta (クシャエータ), Kurup (クルプ), and Hayil (ハイル) that I couldn’t match up, and I don’t recall how they were spelled in the OVAs, if they were even mentioned at all. Perhaps someone else will have better luck!  The rest of the twelve Marzbans other than Dariun are all named after Shahnameh characters — including Saam (サーム), who gave me a minor headache as well (it could have also been Salm, an entirely different character).

I should also note that the king’s 5000 “Immortals” apparently take inspiration from two different sources: the Praetorian Guard, as well as the Persian Immortals. Specifically, they are probably modeled after the later Zhayedan; however, the term used in the book is Herodotus’s “Athanatoi”, so that’s what I used as well, despite the slight language inconsistency.

eta 1/6/2015: Qushaerta -> Khwarshed. (Technically Khshaeta, but that looks so terrible in English that I picked the Middle Persian spelling. orz.)

eta 2/10/2015: Hayil -> Hayir. Still uncertain, but at least the latter is a Turkish name.


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