Vol. 1 | Chapter One: The Battle of Atropatene (iii)

King Andragoras strode out of his tent, mounted his horse, and rode straight to the head of the main column…


Notes under the cut:

The troublesome name this time comes from the Lusitanian side: Baudouin (ボードワン). This is a different character from “Jon Bodan”/Jean Bodin, btw (whose name I also haven’t really decided what to do with). The literal reading is Boh-do-wan.

Naming for the Lusitanians is in general less consistent, with sort of a vague Romance theme (mostly French/Italian as far as I can tell mixed with the occasional Spanish/Portuguese) but nothing definitive otherwise, at least not to my knowledge. In fact, I was a little torn on how to spell Montferrat — Monferrato would be the Italian, but at a guess Montferrat might be slightly more appropriate, historically speaking. Still, I must confess that medieval European history is not my strength at all, so…

Or in other words, yes, despite the current (as of this writing) claims of TV Tropes, the “correct” rendering of the name for a certain character who won’t be showing up for quite a while yet is actually the punny Estelle/Etoile, and NOT Ester/Etwar.

/anal nitpicker mode


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