Vol. 1 | Chapter One: The Battle of Atropatene (iv)

Through the fog coursed the flash of blades and spears, like lightning piercing through the clouds of a summer storm…


Notes under the cut:

Short scene this time. Nothing much to say about it, other than to note that historically, the vamplate seems to have served a function only in jousting rather than actual combat. Like I sort of alluded to last time, the Lusitanians seem to be based more on later periods of history (15th-16th century), hence the apparent anachronisms, although again, my knowledge of European history sucks. The other cultures hew closer to the same time period as the Sassanid Empire (upon which Pars is primarily based), i.e. about a thousand years before medieval Europe.

Next time we get to see what some of the other Marzbans are up to. Update may be delayed though, as it’s a longer scene and I’m busy this coming week.


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