Vol. 1 | Chapter One: The Battle of Atropatene (v)

Unlike his Shah, Eran Vahriz had experienced loss in battle before…


Notes under the cut:

Whoops… Sorry for the year long delay! I got sidetracked by other projects. Not sure what my new schedule will be, but I’ll at least be updating more than once a month from now on. 😛

Anyway, I hesitated a bit over “Continental Highway.” The term is 大陸公路, which very literally translates to “continental public road.” It’s clearly supposed to be the in-universe counterpart to the Silk Road, so I thought of translating it as “Continental Road,” except that sounds… unexciting. I figured “Continental Highway” would at least conjure up images of highwaymen and bandits and such, but maybe it sounds too modern and conjures up rush hour traffic instead.

(edit: Have since decided to go with the suggestion “Great Continental Road”.)

As for Qobad’s little tale about the three-headed dragon — Azhdahak is actually Armenian (irl they are half-dragon half-man beings), while the loose Persian equivalent is Zahhak, which of course should ring a bell for OVA watchers. They are two separate entities in the Arslan universe though, as far as I’m aware — the transcription in Japanese is different for each. And Mount Qaf is likely a reference to the Islamic Jabal Qaf/Jabalq (also rendered Mount Kaf in some sources).

The last name I had quibbles over was the river Mirbalan (ミルバラン). I wasn’t able to match this to any real life counterpart, so I just went with my gut on that one. If anyone has better luck with it, do let me know!


2 thoughts on “Vol. 1 | Chapter One: The Battle of Atropatene (v)

  1. pfts says:

    Wow!!!! Thank you so much… A few months every year I would google search this book english translation and never got results. But now I saw this! Thank you so much, really… thank you!!!!!

  2. burbels says:

    Indeed. I instantly liked the anime when I saw it and was wondering what was in the original novels but alas no English translation existed.

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