Vol. 1 | Chapter Two: Mount Bashur (iii)

For some time after the prince had crawled into bed in the adjacent room, Dariun and Narses continued their conversation in hushed tones….


Notes under the cut:

Not much to say this time, actually. Just two things —

1. Helmandus corresponds to real life Helmand, but I’m not sure what the proper suffix should be. Helmandos? Helmandus? Thought the latter looked better…

2. “Vice Regent”: 副王, or quite literally a sub-king or secondary king. In other words, Osroes intended to name Andragoras all but king in his own right (just subject to Osroes) — in fact king of Badakhshan, presumably, which had been previously ruled only by princes. I could have sworn there was an actual term for this, but came up short. (“Tributary king” or “vassal king” would probably technically be correct but didn’t seem to convey the right amount of honor/prestige.) I guess Vice Regent works, but I’m not totally satisfied with it.

– – –

And a quick note that I screwed up on a line last time (misattributed dialogue). This has now been fixed — check the previous update post for an explanation!

– – –

Coming up next: Unexpected visitors. Hilarity ensues.


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