Vol. 1 | Chapter Two: Mount Bashur (v)

By the time the knights serving Qaran finally succeeded in crawling out of the pit, each of them soiled and dripping with water, blood, mud, and humiliation, the sun had just about hit high noon…


Notes under the cut:

re: math — those paying attention will have noted there were six knights, but seven stolen horses, and eleven in all at the hideout. As ridiculous as it seems, Qaran’s men were apparently serious about recruiting Narses??? LOL. (That or the last horse was a spare/carrying supplies/intended for captives…)

The remaining four horses, of course, are Arslan and co.’s own mounts. Just thought that was a funny unexplained detail to note! (Assuming no mistakes, of course.)

– – –

And the second chapter comes to an end! We’re almost at the halfway point now. 😀

That said, this next chapter we’ll be leaving Arslan and company for a while to focus instead on what’s been going on at Ecbatana in the meantime. As astute readers might recall, the last thing we heard about the capital was that Queen Tahmineh and Marzbans Saam and Garshasp were still holding out over there…

And I know I’ve been kind of on a roll this month, but I’m still not making any promises about update speed from now on. 😛 I’d like to keep a weekly schedule if I can manage it, but other stuff takes priority.


2 thoughts on “Vol. 1 | Chapter Two: Mount Bashur (v)

  1. Chupilon says:

    Don’t worry! I’m lurking and still reading! Thanks for continuing this!~

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