Vol. 1 | Chapter Three: The Capital Ablaze (i)

The sun sinks, casting the western horizon in gold…


Notes under the cut:

1. Farhaal (ファルハール): According to my notes (probably culled from J-wikipedia at some point or another, i.e. take with a grain of salt) Farhaal is based on the historical Loulan Kingdom. I haven’t been able to identify Farhaal as one of the many names Loulan was known by, however, so the spelling is just my best guess. If anyone has better luck with it, let me know.

2. heathen vs. infidel: This isn’t so much a translation note as it is a linguistic note, but you may have noticed that I used “heathen” exclusively in earlier updates and switched to “infidel” for Bodin here. The Japanese uses the exact same term (異教徒, which translates literally to the fairly neutral “followers of another religion”) and in English both terms are essentially interchangeable (unlike “heretic,” which implies that the person is of the same faith but disagrees on certain tenets/established teachings, e.g. the Maryamians in this universe; or “pagan,” which implies polytheism) — but I feel that infidel has stronger negative associations to a contemporary reader for various reasons I won’t bother going into. There’s also somewhat fuzzy connotations, not necessarily accurate to historical usage, where a “heathen” is simply a follower of a different religion who is unaware of the “true” religion (often due to being “uncivilized”), whereas an “infidel” is someone who is perfectly aware but actively rejects belief. Considering Bodin’s personality, I figured the latter was more fitting.

– – –

Up next: Just who is this mysterious archer? OVA-watchers, of course, already know…


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