Vol. 1 | Chapter Three: The Capital Ablaze (ii)

The queen consort Tahmineh was waiting in the audience room for the heroic nameless archer…


Notes under the cut:

1. Yes, Tahmineh is in fact canonically dark-haired.

2. I feel compelled to apologize for using thee/thou/etc. for Tahmineh’s dialogue (and hope I didn’t misuse anything in the process). But she, even more so than Andragoras/Osroes/Arslan, speaks in a very aloof, formal manner that is otherwise difficult to emulate.

3. There does not seem to be much real life differentiation between the barbat and the oud other than the fact that the former is used in the classical Persian tradition while the latter is more generally Arabic/Middle Eastern. I highly recommend giving these videos a listen if you haven’t already:



– – –

Somewhat longer update next time as the siege of Ecbatana continues to play out.


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