Vol. 1 | Chapter Three: The Capital Ablaze (iii)

At the walls in the far reaches of the capital where the sound of Giv’s barbat could not reach, fire and sword continued to conduct a symphony of slaughter…


Notes under the cut:

A whole lot of stuff going on in this update (though really it’s a pretty succinct depiction of siege warfare), but only one brief comment —

“as stupid as a pig”: I know, pigs are actually pretty smart. But that’s what it says, heh. We dip in and out of Giv’s POV for that scene though, which is a subtle change from the usual omniscient narrator, so take that as you will.

Next time: another daring escape. (????)


One thought on “Vol. 1 | Chapter Three: The Capital Ablaze (iii)

  1. Claudia says:

    Now we know pigs are intelligent but growing up in the 90s in a farming town, I had no clue of that since farmers and therefore pretty much everyone around kept using pig-related expressions that belittled these intelligent creatures. It was only once the Internet took off I was exposed to the truth. It shows how dated some references are but also what people used to think back then.

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