Vol. 1 | Chapter Three: The Capital Ablaze (v)

Even as the incident at the palace unfolded, Marzban Saam was directing the defenses at the gates….


Notes under the cut:

Hey folks, long time no update. Happy holidays and hope you enjoy this one! (I have buffer again, but not very far, so still no promises about when the next magical update will show up. :P)

1. Shameless, shameless Giv, as usual, flows back and forth between various registers and levels of (in)formality. I don’t believe the verse he quotes at the very end has any actual historical basis, but the “throne of gold” is definitely a recurring image in the Shahnameh.

2. The deities mentioned in this section are actual Zoroastrian figures.

Mithra is one of the better known deities (due to the Romans borrowing his name and essentially subjecting him to AU fanfic)

Anahita is also relatively famous. She’s one of many fertility goddesses associated with water across various cultures.

– The others are perhaps more obscure: Tishtrya, Verethragna, Ashi

3. Although I’ve been stubbornly sticking to “the man of the silver mask” and similar awkward phrases to get across the ominous feel of the character thus far (the Japanese literally calls him 銀仮面の男, “the man of the silver mask,” every single time), I gave in and started calling him “Silver Mask” as a formal nickname here, since he’s starting to become slightly more humanized anyway.


8 thoughts on “Vol. 1 | Chapter Three: The Capital Ablaze (v)

  1. M.A.KH says:

    Hello there
    first off thanks for new update & I hope that my last comment didn’t irritate you as much as i think it did.
    and i think the marzban names spell is slam or at least it is spelled that way in manga.
    again thank for the good work.
    happy new year(well if your christian that is :D)
    with all the best wishes

    • T. E. Waters says:

      No problem! I know I hadn’t updated in a long time, so I didn’t mind you checking in.

      re: the Marzban — the Japanese can be interpreted as either Saam or Salm. (There is no direct “l” sound in Japanese, so both names would be pronounced exactly the same.) Apparently both are names from the Shahnameh, so I just picked one of them randomly.

      As for Mithra — I didn’t realize that! The Roman version is definitely male, so that’s what I assumed here too. The text didn’t single him out as a goddess either (Anahita and Ashi were specifically named as female), so it didn’t even occur to me. The author may be going with a male version of the figure here in that case, unless it’s clarified later on. I’ll keep this in mind to fix if necessary.

      Thanks, and happy holidays to you too if you celebrate anything! 🙂

      • M.A.KH says:

        Hello there
        Well of course i celebrate some holidays i but a human after all and my new year celebration nowruz. ;D

        well that being said i have done a little research in net and come to conclusion that also mitra is a female name these days the entity was male back in old times.
        Merry Christmas

  2. M.A.KH says:

    oh and one thing that i forget mithra is a female name and entity.

  3. vyselegendaire says:

    Thanks for the continued updates and the well organized website. It is very cool to be reading the newly released manga alongside the original novel like this, in a way we once only dreamed possible back in the mid 90s.
    With the new anime coming Spring 2015, it seems Arslan is coming of age once again over a decade since the popular OAV which helped spur its popularity overseas. 2015 – the year of Arslan, but who would have guessed?

    • T. E. Waters says:

      Yeah, it’s exciting! Hard to believe too that the series as a whole is closing in on its thirtieth anniversary (that may be another reason for its recent revival). I’m glad to see all the new fans trickling in with the renewed attention — the series more than deserves it!

  4. battylous says:

    thanks for the updates! 😀

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