Vol. 1 | Chapter Four: Beasts and Beauties (ii)

Even one such as Innocentius VII, who had used God and fate to justify himself to his generals, probably did not dare appeal directly to God regarding this matter…


Notes under the cut:

First and foremost, if you didn’t see my earlier note about Kharlan -> Qaran, check back at this post. The basic gist is that the “Kharlan” spelling really, really grates on me and Qaran seems like a reasonable alternative. I apologize for any confusion. D:

1. Innocentius’s speech style is kind of a masculine version of Tahmineh’s. To be specific, he seems to switch it on the moment he feels confident in Guiscard’s support (or when he’s being particularly self-righteous, as in the last section when he’s claiming the Parsian treasury), which gives a rather different overall effect. Tahmineh comes across as uniformly regal in her dialogue, whereas Innocentius is just kind of pompous. That said, I’m not sure I’m reading the subtext entirely correctly, and his tone is a lot harder to pin down in translation either way.

2. “You flatter me.” =  恐れ入ります (osoreirimasu), a very polite “thank you” that I translate differently every single time I encounter it, depending on context.

3. Innocentius isn’t the only one whose tone varies in this section, as the text lampshades in the case of Silver Mask Dude. Not as blatant though. It’s basically as the text says; he’s more polite to Guiscard, but imo equally terse/formal with both men.

– – –

After a lot of debate with myself, I decided to start uploading scans of the original Amano illustrations. As you may have noticed. I believe the original Kadokawa editions are out of print, and although out of print doesn’t mean “out of copyright”, I’m already operating in a legal gray area… and speaking purely as a fan, Amano’s art deserves all the attention it can get. 😛 (Note: Though I can’t stop you from spreading these around yourselves, I’m only posting them here [and not to Tumblr] so I can take them down easily if necessary. The scans aren’t mine anyway, so don’t bother sourcing me; they’ve been floating around the net for years.)

That said, I will NOT be uploading the Shinobu Tanno illustrations from the Kobunsha Kappa editions (except for the covers starting from the eleventh book), or the gorgeous Akihiro Yamada covers for the newer Kobunsha Bunko editions (which you can look up yourself on Amazon or elsewhere [hint: Yamada’s personal site has links]).

Personally, I love Yamada’s covers (idk if he did interior illustrations for the new editions, but if he did *drooool*), but Tanno’s style isn’t all that well-suited to the series. He’s a good artist, but he has much more of a pulp sensibility to his approach. (see also: cheesecake Farangis)


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