Vol. 1 | Chapter Four: Beasts and Beauties (iv)

When the bazaar resumed after the fall of the city, there was a reasonable level of bustle and a fair amount of goods exchanging hands….


Notes under the cut:

Ah, the second of our three beauties. šŸ˜›

Just two things to note (it’s a short section):

1. mithqal: an actual unit of measure IRL, but in Arslan-verseĀ corresponds to bronze/copper coins (i.e. the least valuable denomination)

2. sher: You might remember the “Lion Hunter” title mentioned all the way back in the first chapter, “Shergir”. Sher = lion. This line is basically referencing the Chinese/Japanese proverbĀ “If you don’t enter the tiger’s cave, you won’t capture its cub.” Except with lions.

Next sectionĀ introduces another fun character! And just as a heads up, you maaaay be getting that update sooner than usual. Iiiiif I can get my buffer ahead enough I’d like to schedule posts twice a week until the first book ends! … But only if I can get comfortably far ahead. šŸ˜€


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