Vol. 1 | Chapter Four: Beasts and Beauties (vi)

That day, in broad daylight, one of Qaran’s troops burned down a village and threw fifty villagers — though only men — into the fire…


Notes under the cut:

Loooong section (longest one so far, in fact) but not much to say about it. (Make sure to go back if you missed Wednesday’s update!)

1. Porter guy clearly talks like a hick. (“Hick” has perhaps unfair connotations: basically it’s pseudo-peasant talk.) The only other time that I remember there beingĀ kinda casual/informal dialogue so far is back when the Lusitanians were making fun of Qaran, but that was more subtle.

2. Giv and Narses only warranted a “watashi” from Farangis, but she switches to “waga” for Arslan. Her speech style otherwise is pretty consistently formal, so it’s a bit hard to tell in translation that she does in fact accord Arslan slightly higher respect.

– – –

One more chapter to go, and book 1 is finally done! Phew!

I don’t know when I’ll catch up to the manga serialization or if I’ll manage to stay ahead even if I do (must confess I haven’t really been following it closely since I’m not the biggest fan of the character designs) — but apparently I’m not as behind as I thought! (Chapter 19 concluded the first volume, in case you’re wondering, which is why I decided to briefly pick up the pace starting this week.)

Anyway, rest assured that I’m in this for the long haul though I will be slowing back down to weekly-or-slower updates after this spree. Enjoy this speed while you can! šŸ˜›

In the meantime, I’ve also been skimming through older sections for typos/mistakes — and boy, there sure are some embarrassing ones. Haven’t caught anything major yet though except for an early line of dialogue by Monferrat at the end of the first chapter, which I translated back before I realized Guiscard’s nickname for his brother. (The line about the king and priest. I originally wasn’t sure whether Monferrat was referring to the Parsian side or the Lusitanian side, but in hindsight it’s obvious that Monferrat is part of Guiscard’s faction, and the nickname in particular makes it clear. Out of context it was a very strange line!)

Note also that sometimes I get affected by misinterpretations or strangeĀ edits in the Chinese translation, so if you ever catch anything that seems weird or contradicts other existing translations (especially the stuff I translated all the way back in 2012 o_o), let me know!

On that note, I also made a slight correction to the book listings: the old OVAs actually cover book 2 and book 3 in a single installment (it’s been a while since I watched, so I’d forgotten exactly how things were paced). I think most of the material from book 2 was cut to focus on the Sindhuran subplot. (And as you can see, OVA 1 had a very different take on the final Qaran confrontation.) Books 4 and 5 take two half-hour episodes each, leaving the OVAs hanging right before they reach Gilan in book 6.

The afterword has also been edited and annotated, by the way. If you finished reading the current chapter, it’s also now totally spoiler-free, so if you were holding off before feel free to read it now!


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