Vol. 1 | Chapter Five: Successor to the Throne (i)

Clinging to the stone walls was a dampness so chilly that no droplets could form…


Notes under the cut:

FIRST OF ALL. I’m in the process of switching over to “Pars” from “Parse” for the sake of consistency. (By the time this posts, changes should be all through on WordPress, but Tumblr may remain spottier for a while.) My original reasoning for using Parse instead of the official spelling was to make the pronunciation clearer for English readers (soft ending as opposed to hard ending), as well as to ease things over from the official OVA subtitles (“Palse”). Obviously, times have changed… it seems silly to cling to this spelling (which I don’t like that much anyway). I’ve just been too lazy to go back and change all of them. 😛

– – –

This scene is illustrated! (Not very accurately, though*. :P)

“The gray-robed elder” is like “the man of the silver mask” — a character identified solely through a descriptive phrase rather than through a name…. At least for now. Fortunately, this identifier is often shortened to just “the elder”, otherwise I’d be going nuts. That said, if I ever do need to use a nickname like “Silver Mask” for the sake of flow, I’ll be going with “Old Gray.”

I should note also that although I used male pronouns for the elder, the text is actually ambiguous wrt gender. The speech style is stereotypical “old man” talk though, so it’s a pretty safe assumption. IMO the ambiguity is intended as a not necessarily literal marker of inhumanity.

Also, the Zahhak background is taken more or less directly from the actual figure from our universe — though I believe the parts relating to Jamshid are slightly different, in that Jamshid wasn’t a perfect figure either, and had grown arrogant, i.e. Zahhak was originally welcomed as an alternative. Still a pretty gruesome end though.

* eta 2/14/2015: At a second look, the illustration is likely misplaced and is more likely intended for the next section.


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