Vol. 1 | Chapter Five: Successor to the Throne (ii)

The capital of Ecbatana, like its resumed bazaar, began to recover some semblance of order under the Lusitanian occupation, and yet blood continued to flow unstemmed…


Notes under the cut:

Another short section. Not much to say about it either; to be honest, this last chapter is mostly just tying up stuff established earlier in the book. Mostly.

Well, I think this is only the second time in the entire book one of the ruler characters explicitly uses a personal pronoun, and it’s the same archaic one Andragoras used earlier in the book. Innocentius is very much the kind of character who would use royal We regularly… but I avoided using it earlier when he was talking to Guiscard in private because the context did feel somewhat more intimate (if not exactly sincere) and he did seem a little vulnerable under the pompous act. Hopefully the inconsistency isn’t too jarring — he is trying to show off here so I guess it would make sense for him to switch. Since Japanese is relatively light on personal pronouns and pronouns in general, we just don’t know at this point whether or not he’d actually use royal We with Guiscard.

Anyway, the next update is longer, and quite interesting.


2 thoughts on “Vol. 1 | Chapter Five: Successor to the Throne (ii)

  1. Ecilan says:

    Thank you for the wonderful translations! I’m so glad I can read the novel and its all thanks to you 🙂

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