I did not scan this page (which comes from the first book, The Capital Ablaze), but I did annotate it.

Map included with the fifth book, Shadow of a Lone Rider: HERE
Map included with the guide (covering up to book 10): HERE
Map included with the eleventh book, Assault of Demons: HERE


バスル is written バシュル elsewhere


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9 thoughts on “MAP

  1. M.A.KH says:

    Hello (سلام)
    I believe that Maryam represent the kingdom of Armenia because in time period of Sassanian era Lydia had long before cease to exist and Also in OVAs it said that Maryam have the same religion as the Lusitanians have and by considering the fact that most likely Lusitania was based on Byzantine empire therefore Maryam is more Likely to be Armenia.
    and if i can have say i would have said that “The Great Continental road” would have been more fitting.
    With Best Wishes
    Goodbye (خداحافظ)

    • T. E. Waters says:

      Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve slowly going back and making tweaks according to your suggestions! Some stuff I’ve left alone because of the way the Japanese is transcribed. But your comments have been very helpful, thanks!

  2. M.A.KH says:

    The mountain in the map is Bashvan mountain.

  3. M.A.KH says:

    Hello again
    The country (Misr) is equivalent for Egypt in real life.
    I also Want to ask your permission to introduce your site to a group of Iranian fans of Arslan senkai manga.
    i would appreciate if you repley to my qustion as fast as possible.
    With best regards

    • T. E. Waters says:

      Sure, go ahead! More readers are always welcome!

      Sorry by the way that I haven’t really been responding — I’ll probably look at all your suggestions and make corrections in one go when I have the time. Feel free to keep commenting in the meantime. 🙂

    • T. E. Waters says:

      Yeah, the Wiki entry has a note on that so I didn’t note it here, especially since Tanaka has “Turk” and “Turan” as separate nations. The old OVAs actually made Turan more explicitly Mongolian in terms of culture/aesthetics (and I think never got around to showing the stuff going on in Turk) so I hesitate to make stronger one-to-one connections. Tanaka fudges a lot of stuff to suit his own universe. 😛

  4. MistaRandomGuy says:

    When will Misr/Egypt Show up in the Anime? 😀

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