SPOILERS ahoy. Events will be added when they occur in the translated chapters.

Source: The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Official Reader’s Guide


  • 16th King of Pars, Gotarzes II, passes away.
  • 17th King of Pars, Osroes V, accedes to the throne.


  • The king’s younger brother Andragoras leads troops to the southeastern border as Eran and conquers the Principality of Badakhshan. The Prince of Badakhshan commits suicide; his wife Tahmineh is taken back to the capital, Ecbatana.


  • Month 5, Day 19
    The sudden death of Osroes V. 18th King of Pars, Andragoras III, accedes to the throne. Prince Hirmiz believed killed in a fire at the palace. Andragoras installs Vahriz as Eran.


  • Tahmineh installed as Queen Consort.


  • Prince Arslan is born.


  • Northern invasion from Turan repelled.


  • Arslan installed as Crown Prince.


  • Another northern invasion from Turan repelled.


  • Western invasion from Misr dealt a crushing defeat.


  • An alliance numbering 50,000 is formed between Turan, Sindhura, and Turk, attacking respectively from the northeast, southeast, and east; Narses’s ploy disintegrates the alliance and they are chased out.


  • Dariun is sent to Serica as captain of the guard. Andragoras grows slack in his reign. Narses is exiled from court.


  • Maryam is subjugated by the Lusitanians.


  • Having destroyed Maryam, the Lusitanians invade Pars.
  • Month 10, Day 16
    The first Battle of Atropatene. The Parsian troops, suffering great losses, are defeated.
  • Month 11, Day 5
    The heads of defeated warriors from Atropatene are displayed before the gates of Ecbatana.
  • Month 11, Day 6
    The slaves of Ecbatana are incited to revolt by the Lusitanian troops.
  • Month 11, Day 13, Night
    Arslan and company break through the blockade at Mt. Bashur.
  • Qaran leads a thousand riders in pursuit of Arslan.
  • Giv meets Farangis.
  • They, along with Arslan and company, annihilate Qaran’s troops.
  • The bazaar of Ecbatana resumes. [T/N: Pretty sure this is an editorial mistake; this should be listed before Qaran’s deployment.]
  • Month 12, first week
    Lusitanian king Innocentius meets Tahmineh in Ecbatana and asks for her hand in marriage.
  • Bodin burns twelve million volumes of Parsian literature.
  • First encounter between Dariun and Hirmiz.
  • Hirmiz confronts the imprisoned Andragoras with his true identity.
    [ — end of Book 1 — ]
  • Late Autumn
    Arslan and company defeat the treacherous Hojir at Kashan Castle.
  • Month 12, Day 5
    Lusitanian noble Pedraos dies under mysterious circumstances in the streets of Ecbatana.
  • Month 12, Day 6
    The Templars of Sion arrive at Ecbatana.
  • Zandeh and Saam pledge service to Hirmiz. [T/N: Well, Zandeh does, at least.]
  • Hirmiz leaves Ecbatana in pursuit of Arslan.
  • In order to shake off their pursuit, Arslan’s party splits into three groups and heads to Peshawar. Narses meets Afarid.

2 thoughts on “TIMELINE

  1. I hope someone who read the novels can add later dates. I read a mix of info’s on Wikia. Aslan seems to become king. So what in the world happened to Andragoras? What about Tahmineh?

    • T. E. Waters says:

      Umm, I’m the ONLY person running this site and I’m not associated with the wikia at all. This is an official timeline that I’ve translated myself. It actually goes all the way through book 10, but I only update this page alongside what I’ve translated of the books, partly because there are some errors in it here and there. If you want spoilers, you’re probably better off running Japanese wikipedia through Google Translate or something. Though I’m actually surprised Andragoras/Tahmineh’s fates haven’t been spoiled yet in English SOMEWHERE on the internet, I mean, the series is thirty years old… I also thought season 2 of the anime (which I haven’t been watching) had a strong likelihood of wrapping up part one of the series, in which case most questions should be answered by the last episode. Otherwise just wait for season 3 (no way they’re stopping before the end of part one)…

      That said, I don’t mind answering questions privately via email or Twitter (@snakyscribbles) if you’re really dying to know, but I’m keeping my site spoiler free.

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