Volume 6 Afterword

(for now, just the list of resources Tanaka mentions using and other points of interest)

[Reader Question 1: Origin of “Pars” as the name of the kingdom. Already answered in the Vol. 1 Afterword.]

[Reader Question 2: Correct usage of “-kyou”/Sir wrt “Dariun-kyou” and “Narses-kyou”. Examples include Arthurian knights, figures from Japanese history, and Sir Laurence Olivier.]

[Reader Question 3: Origin of character names, e.g. Narses and Hirmiz, mistaken for having Greek origins by some readers. Segues into brief discussion about choosing appropriate names when they’re not always friendly to a modern audience/different culture, bringing up in particular Mika Waltari’s classic historical novel The Egyptian.]

[Reader Question 4: “Please tell us about your research materials/references”. According to Tanaka, a lot of them are difficult to obtain, so he doesn’t mention them.]

[Even the following seem to be mostly out of print/published in the 60s.]

  • The Gulistan of Sa’di [mistakenly annotated as “Luristan”] (Heibonsha’s Toyo Bunko [Oriental imprint], #12)
  • Tales of Old Persia (Heibonsha’s Toyo Bunko, #134)
  • Shahnameh (Heibonsha’s Toyo Bunko, #150)
  • The Seven Princesses [also Seven Wives of Bahram GurThe Seven BeautiesSeven Portraits] (Heibonsha’s Toyo Bunko, #191)
  • Khosrow and Shirin (Heibonsha’s Toyo Bunko, #310)
  • Persian Mythology (Tairyusha)
  • Biographies of Persian Divinities (Gendaishicho-sha)
  • The Persian Empire (Kodansha)
  • Veda Avesta (Chikuma Shobo)
  • The Assassins’ Theocracy (Chikuma Shobo)
  • Ganges and the Crescent (Bungeishunju)
  • Islamic Wars (Kodansha)
  • Encyclopedia of Asian History (Heibonsha)
  • Encyclopedia of Oriental History (Heibonsha)

[He adds again that there are more, but that there are access issues.]



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