The Two Princes | 王子二人 (1987)

The Two Princes

Ouji Futari

Note: the events of this book are covered very loosely in the second one-hour episode of the OVAs, by chapters 20-?? of the Arakawa manga, and by episodes 10-13 of the 2015 anime.

title page, color spread, color insert


Chapter 1: Kashan Castle

i, ii, iii, iv, v (1), vi (2)

Chapter 2: Cabals at the Demonic Capital

i, ii (3), iii, iv

Chapter 3: En Route to Peshawar

i (4), ii (5), iii, iv (6)

Chapter 4: Rupture and Reunion

i, ii (7), iii, iv, v, vi, vii (8), viii

Chapter 5: The Two Princes

i, ii (9), iii, iv, v, vi (10)