Volume 2 Afterword

(a currently unedited translation)

I’ve never been one of those types who diligently writes afterwords once a book has been completed, but because I realized I screwed up in the first volume, I must now apologize and correct them here.

First of all, regarding the place names on the map on page 6, “Turan” became “Duran”, and “Mount Bashur” became “Mount Basr.” These mistakes were introduced during the creation of the map.

The other matter is entirely the author’s fault. The name of the god that the priestess Farangis follows turned into “Misr” when it should have been “Mithra.” “Misr” is actually another name for Egypt in our universe. (T/N: This error was indeed present in the original text of the relevant edition, but I fixed it while translating.)

In trying to show off, I ended up making such pathetic mistakes. I will pay much closer attention in the future, please forgive me this time.

Next is regarding the title of the second volume, 王子二人 (The Two Princes). This is following the pattern of the first volume, a phrase concocted from four kanji (T/N: Chinese characters) and taken from the title of one of the chapters to form a title for the overall book. In order to continue this pattern, it caused me no end of trouble, but the moment I came up with something, my head swelled with joy; things like that really do happen. (T/N: And what a pain these are to translate, too!)

For upcoming volumes I’ve already settled on a few titles. For example 汗血公路 (The Road of Sweat and Blood), 王都奪還 (The Capital Retaken), 蛇王再臨 (The Return of the Serpent King), etc. — but who knows if I’ll manage to get that far or not? Bad news for our protagonist, but nothing could make me happier than to pen his tales. Everyone please look forward to future titles like 締切直前 (Before the Deadline), 発想涸渇 (Out of Ideas), and 作者困惑 (The Author Perplexed).

Setting aside the jokes (though I really do have a lot I want to joke about), the first volume begins in the tenth month of the year 320 of Pars, and the second volume ends in the twelfth month of the same year. In two volumes, no more than two months have passed. Whether it’s Arslan or the author recording his deeds, it seems we’ve only progressed one small step along the lengthy journey ahead.

This is not an endless tale. There will definitely be a finale in sight. Until that page arrives, I plan to keep writing, but I ask that you please remain patient in the meantime if you can. At any rate, please look forward to the next volume.

Signed, the creator.



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